Project Maju-Lah 2016 by Youth@LBKM


LBKM’s Project Maju-lah! held its second installment this year on 3 December 2016. As a platform to engage our recipients and the wider youth community from both madrasah and secular schools, Project Maju-lah! makes the career paths of young Muslim working adults accessible and tangible to our school-going youths. Whether your dream is to shine on TV, fly high in the skies (or go beyond into space), perform to a huge audience, drive the future of technology, hold the fort in a classroom, defend the less fortunate in court, understand complex figures and transactions, build your voice on social media, or maybe even chart a new path – we want to support your pursuit of excellence.

There are many pathways to success, and LBKM’s Project Maju-lah was a happy reminder that there are many thriving young people in our community who are well on their way. Focused on an intimate group, in an inspirational setting, we are so glad to hear your positive takeaways from the event. A huge thank you to all our speakers and networkers who came forward to share their stories with our youths! See you at our other Youth@LBKM projects, InsyaAllah (: