2018 has been a year of many changes for LBKM as it charts its cause to stay relevant within the bursary and scholarship sector. In our fifty-four year history, we have gone through many milestones. Today, LBKM has become an icon that is synonymous with the provision of financial assistance to our students in their pursuit of academic excellence.

As we continue this noble effort, we must be mindful of the many challenges that require us to embark on a consistent change process. Our internal operations are being constantly reviewed and positive changes are being introduced to ensure we stay abreast with the ever-changing environment of the charity landscape. We are at a crossroad of transiting from a more structured work environment to a more robust and flexible way of doing work. Transition between changes is currently being observed in many sectors and for LBKM to stay connected, we must constantly explore new initiatives and innovations.

As we chart the future, we expand our scope of assistance beyond bursaries and scholarship. For example, at the initiative of our youth team, we have recently embarked on a new programme – “School Top-up Fund” – to ensure that our students will always have enough in their Ezlink cards to go to school. This is an excellent initiative to widen our spirit of ihsan (or compassion) towards our needy students in meeting their education needs.

Our current partnerships and alliances with the universities, polytechnics, schools and madrasahs, have been strategic for us to be updated on the current developments in the education sector. This is important as the sector has undergone many changes. We are also forging strategic collaboration to explore new ways of expanding our assistance programmes, such as in special needs education and enrichment programmes.

All these efforts will not be possible without the strong support and commitment of our sponsors, donors, members of the Executive Council and Board of Trustees, volunteers and staff, who remain our pillars of strength as we move ahead into the uncertain future.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your dedication, commitment and support to LBKM. Let us continue this noble work to ensure that no one is left behind, and that no one shall be deprived of an education for the sole reason of a lack of funds.

Let’s move together in this Journey of Giving.

Thank you.

Suhaimi Salleh