LBKM Research Grant


To facilitate and provide funds for research projects and publications on the Malay/Muslim community in the areas of education, socio-politics, economics and culture.

Who May Apply

Individuals, Groups or Organisations

Grant Quantum

Normally, only one grant, capped at $10,000, is allocated annually for a successful applicant from either an individual, group or organisation. LBKM has the discretion to offer more than one grant award totalling $10,000.

Application Guidelines

1. To conduct an original piece of research, the first of its kind or a build up from past research.

2. The grant is awarded on a competitive basis based on merit.

3. The grant will not be awarded to research projects that have been completed at the time of application.

4. For groups, the names and relevant details of each member are to be included in the application.

5. Recipients of grants from other organisations may apply. Successful applicant of the LBKM may receive grants or financial assistance from other sources.

6. The grant is a one-time award and requests for additional funding will not be considered.

7. Individuals pursuing higher degrees (Honours, Masters, PhD, etc.) and are required by their studies to conduct research work are not eligible to participate.

Evaluation Criteria

The award will be based on the significance of the research or project, the potential impact and/or relevance to the Malay/Muslim community and the wider public in Singapore


The grant recipient is required to undertake and acknowledge that the research was supported by LBKM and to notify LBKM if it is presented or published elsewhere.

Upon completion of the research, the grant recipient will submit one hard copy of the research document as well as submit a 200-500 word summary of key findings and present these findings to LBKM.

How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted to LBKM not later than 30 June annually, for the current year’s award.

Selection of the successful applicant will be carried out by a panel in August annually. The decision of the panel is final. No subsequent changes or appeals by applicants will be entertained.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome via email.

Depending on the project, the grant will be disbursed either in full or 50% upon approval and a subsequent 50% upon completion.

Application form may be downloaded here.

For further enquiries please contact: