Pre-Diploma, Polytechnic Foundation & Diploma

Application period: 1 May – 15┬áJune

Students in local polytechnics, LaSalle and NAFA are encouraged to apply for the CDC/CCC, MOE and institutions’-administered bursaries. Please visit your institution’s websites for more details.

Common Eligibility Criteria :

1. Singapore citizen, or either parent is a Singapore citizen (for applicants below 21 years old).

2. Pass previous year’s / semester’s examinations. [For 1st year students, please provide N levels / O levels / ITE results / Madrasah Year-End results]

3. Applicants must NOT be concurrently holding any other institution-administered or organisation bursaries / scholarships.

4. Family Per-Capita-Income (PCI) should not exceed $1,800 (Singapore / Malaysia) or $2,250 (Overseas).

Category Criteria Quantum
Pre-Diploma & Diploma
Full-time studies ONLY. Pre-Diploma: $600
Diploma (S’pore / M’sia): $800
Diploma (Overseas): $1,000
Polytechnic Foundation & Diploma Full-time studies ONLY. Foundation: $500
Diploma: $600 – $800
Private Institution Diploma
1. Full-time studies ONLY.
2. Minimum study period of 2 years. (For a study period of less than 2 years, applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
Diploma (S’pore): $800
Diploma (Overseas): $1,000