LBKM Bursaries

1. Primary to Pre-University / JC

2. Diploma

3. Full-time studies, Undergraduate & Postgraduate

4. Part-time studies

6.1. Applications are assessed mainly on the family’s PCI, therefore it is important to provide details of family members residing at the same address.

6.2. Family members who are working must produce income / salary statement / payslip upon request. CPF & Income Tax statements are not required / accepted.

6.3. If there is no earned income in the family, the source of income received from welfare grants / organisations must be stated, and CPF contribution statements must be submitted.

6.4. Retirement / retrenchment letters from previous employers are required for family members who are no longer working, and for unemployment due to medical reasons, medical certificates / reports are to be produced.

6.5. Family members who are self-employed must provide the Income Tax Declaration / Notice of Assessment.