LBKM Bursaries

1) LBKM bursaries for full-time studies:

1.1) February : Madrasah students – Primary 1 to Pre University
Secular students – Secondary 1 to Junior College / Pre-University

1.2) June* : Secular – Polytechnic / Diploma (Local / Overseas)
Religious – College Diploma (Local / Overseas)

*with a minimum study period of 2 years

1.3) September : Undergraduates & Postgraduates – Religious & Secular (Singapore / Overseas)

Eligibility Criteria :

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions:
1. Singapore citizen, or either parent is a Singapore citizen.

2. A full-time student.

3. Pass previous year’s / semester’s examinations. [For 1st year students, please provide the results from Masters Degree / Bachelor Degree / A Levels / Polytechnic / O levels / ITE / PSLE]

4. Applicants must NOT be concurrently holding any other institution-administered or organisation bursaries / scholarships.

5. For Secondary / JC / Pre-University levels and Madrasah students; must be studying in a school / Madrasah recognized by the MOE or MUIS.

6.Family Per-Capita-Income (PCI) should not exceed $1,500 – $1,800.

6.1. Applications are assessed mainly on the family’s PCI, therefore it is important to provide details of family members residing at the same address.

6.2. Family members who are working must produce income / salary statement / payslip upon request. CPF & Income Tax statements are not required / accepted.

6.3. If there is no earned income in the family, the source of income received from welfare grants / organisations must be stated, and CPF contribution statements must be submitted.

6.4. Retirement / retrenchment letters from previous employers are required for family members who are no longer working, and for unemployment due to medical reasons, medical certificates / reports are to be produced.

6.5. Family members who are self-employed must provide the Income Tax Declaration / Notice of Assessment.

Award of bursaries are as follow:

Secular Education^ Religious Education
Secondary $300 Primary $350
Pre University $500 Secondary $450
Polytechnic / Diploma $800 Pre University $600
Undergraduate (Singapore/ Malaysia) $1,800 College (Diploma) $800
Undergraduate (Overseas) $2,000 Undergraduate (Malaysia) $1,800
Postgraduate (Singapore/Malaysia) $2,000 Undergraduate (Overseas) $2,000
Postgraduate (Overseas) $2,500 Postgraduate (Malaysia) $2,000
Special Bursary* $3,000 / $3,300 Postgraduate (Overseas) $2,500

^Polytechnic & tertiary students who receive the Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy will receive a lesser amount.

*Dr Abdul Aziz Sujak Bursaries are offered to Medical & Dental students.

*Abu Hassan Bin Puteh Memorial Bursaries are offered to Law students in overseas universities.

2) LBKM bursaries for part-time studies, introduced in 2014, are offered to students of the Bachelor’s Degree level, studying part-time in any public or private institutions, in the Religious or secular streams.
Applications are offered in November each year. The value of each bursary award is $1,200.

Please apply here.