Ramadhan Appeal

LBKM Donation Form

Dear Brother/Sister in Islam,
Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

LBKM has been a provider of financial support for education to our community since
1965. We believe that education is key to uplift the living standard of the individual and
the community.

Rahiman* was in secondary school when his parents divorced. He and his three younger
siblings lived with their mother. Rahiman’s mother worked as a clerk to support the family.
She struggled to make ends meet, as her ex-husband was not consistent in his maintenance
payments. To fi nance his studies, Rahiman used money saved from his National Service
allowance and a bank loan. Alhamdulillah, with the LBKM Bursary as well as his own
determination and hard work, Rahiman will graduate this year with a Bachelor of
Arts degree in Geography and History from the University of Queensland, insyaAllah.
According to Rahiman, the LBKM Bursary that he had received is a contributing factor
for his success.

There are many similar stories like Rahiman. Over 50 years, LBKM has helped some
22,000 students (from primary to post graduate levels in the secular and religious streams)
to realise their educational potential.

This achievement could not have been possible without the assistance we received
from donors who have used their inheritance, savings, business, shares, insurance, CPF
(upon withdrawal), zakat and interest to make a direct donation or to sponsor bursaries.

On behalf of LBKM, I sincerely appeal for your generous support in making a donation of
any amount or sponsoring a bursary (minimum sum $1,800) in your name or in the name
of someone dear to you. Your contribution serves as a tangible expression of your love
for our Prophet (PBUH) and his call to the Ummah to acquire knowledge.

May Allah SWT reward your contribution, during this sacred month of Ramadhan,
abundantly in this lifetime and the hereafter, Aamiin.