LBKM Youth Ambassador Programme (YAP)

The YAP was launched in 2015 as a pilot program to better serve our youth bursary and scholarship recipients, and form deeper connections with the various school campuses. Today, the pioneer batch has graduated from the program and continues to be engaged in our capacity-building and community activities. They are wonderful individuals and youth leaders, and we are happy to be part of their journey.

LBKM Youth Ambassador Program

In brief, the YAP provides an opportunity for award recipients to be exposed to the following areas:-

1. Mentoring program run by LBKM committee members;
2. Represent LBKM at various youth community and national platforms;
3. Career chats and networking teas with professionals from various industries (e.g. Project Maju-lah! 2015);
4. Access to LBKM’s annual retreat for discussions on strategy and organizational growth; and
5. Community engagement projects (e.g. Eid celebration at Darul Ma’wa).


We hope to tailor the YAP to tap onto the strengths and interests of each Youth Ambassador (“YA”). Some examples of what will fall within the scope of being a YA are initiating outreach events, being the face and voice of LBKM on campus, organizing iftar and other networking events with LBKM beneficiaries and friends, and liaising with school administration as and when necessary. From time to time, depending on your availability, you will also be encouraged to participate in our LBKM events such as the annual retreat and volunteer dinner.

Further details

We recognize that you are first and foremost students with busy schedules. YAP will not require attendance at weekly meetings or long conferences. Engagement will flexible; monthly catch-up sessions are planned, with the bulk of engagement centered around events such as the networking tea or annual retreat, when more planning is required.

Being a YA is a privilege and a responsibility; each YA will be paid a token sum upon fulfillment of responsibilities each academic year, as a token of our thanks for your valuable energy and time.


And so, we would like to invite YOU to apply! As we continue to recalibrate and enhance our youth engagement, we would like to extend this invitation to join us as a YA or as a senior youth volunteer – to brainstorm and chart the course of Youth@LBKM together.

If you are keen to find out more and/or be part of this exciting development, we would like to meet with you to get to know you a little better and also to tell you more about the YAP.

We would appreciate if you could email an updated simple CV, which should include community engagement experience (if applicable). If you think you are interested but have more questions, do email as well to youth@lbkm.org.sg

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you soon!