34th Annual General Meeting

written by Farah Abdul Malik, LBKM Youth Ambassador

On 26th June 2015, LBKM held its 34th Annual General Meeting, but for some of us, it was our very first. For the Youth Ambassadors, it was an honour to be warmly welcomed into the LBKM family, especially when we were asked to stand as a form of introduction to some of LBKM’s finest members. We didn’t know what to expect before attending, but it was definitely an enriching experience.

The highlight of the meeting was the announcement that the Executive Committee’s governance is now limited to a term of 8 years, instead of the previous practice of governance without a capped term. With this, LBKM hopes to encourage the involvement of younger members who have the potential to bring the organisation to greater heights with their fresh ideas. As mentioned by Mr Suhaimi Salleh during his opening speech, the introduction of this new measure, as well as the Youth Ambassador Programme, represents some of the ways LBKM hopes to remain relevant in these changing times.

Apart from this, it was also proudly announced that LBKM had reached out to a record­breaking 1,700 students in 2014; the most since it started giving out bursaries in 1966. The steady increase in the number of bursaries, as well as the value of each bursary, would not have been possible without the constant support of the donors and sponsors. As students ourselves, some of us even beneficiaries of the bursary scheme, we know that the value of the award goes beyond its monetary worth; it is a reminder that our community celebrates our achievements and supports us in our pursuit of academic excellence, whether locally or abroad.

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Photos credits to Jaliboy Paolo Ruder.